Community Foundation

To Support and Enhance the

Quality of Life in Hidden Meadows

What is the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation?

Local Residents who cherish the Hidden Meadows way of life formed the foundation to preserve the community


What sort of projects does it fund?

Beautification projects that will improve the quality of life in the community include planting of trees and shrubs along the roadways leading into and through the Meadows; installing rest benches at bus stops and on the public golf course; and replacing the Hidden Meadows sign at the entrance to the community.


A scholarship program is promoted to further the education of qualified high school seniors and college students.  Children or grandchildren of Hidden Meadows residents are eligible.


Assistance to needy individuals who have experienced destruction of property through fire or earthquake or the loss of the primary wage earner will be provided.


Can I direct my gift?

Yes, the foundation has a “pass-through” fund and you can designate the worthy project your funds will go to beautification, scholarship, or our endowment fund designated for future projects.

How can I contribute?

Gifts of cash or negotiable securities are welcome.  You can also donate through a provision in your will, trust, or insurance policy.  In any case, you can be assured that your gift will be applied to meaningful and constructive projects which will benefit the Meadows and its residents.

How about a special project?

The foundation is open to larger projects which the donor may suggest and which can bear the donor’s name(s) in perpetuity.


How is the Foundation governed?

The foundation is an independ- ent organization with its own volunteer Board of Directors.  The purpose of the board is to solicit contributions, see to their wise investment, and distribute funds.


Who Currently serves on the Board of Directors?

Dave Buckley, Tom Francl, Jane Glassett, Matt Holmstrom Rob Enfeld, Lisa Wright, and Joanna Stypulkowski.


Whom should I contact?

Any member of the board will be happy to sit down with you and answer all questions.  The President is Tom Francl, 760/751-1111.


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